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  • A history of Club Atlético de Madrid is filled with success and tradition, making it one of the most popular 7️⃣ and successful football clubs in Spain. Founded in 1903, the club has been a staple of Spanish football, with a 7️⃣ rich history and passionate fanbase. In this report, we delve into the story of Atlético de Madrid, focusing on its 7️⃣ triumphs, challenges, and the legacy of one of its most iconic figures: Antoine Griezmann.

    Triunfos e Conquistas

    Throughout its storied history, Atlético 7️⃣ de Madrid has claimed a total of 31 trophies, including 11 La Liga titles, 10 Copa del Rey, and 2 7️⃣ Supercopa de España. The club has also tasted European success, with victories in the Europa League (formerly the UEFA Cup) 7️⃣ and the UEFA Super Cup.

    A Era de Griezmann

    The impact of Antoine Griezmann on Atlético de Madrid is immeasurable. A talismã 7️⃣ for the club, Griezmann joined Atlético in 2014, making an immediate impact. Over the course of five seasons, the French 7️⃣ striker scored 133 goals in 256 appearances, solidifying his status as a club legend. His contributions on the pitch helped 7️⃣ the club secure two UEFA Europa League titles (2024-18) and a UEFA Super Cup (2024).

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