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Jan Cloninger helps people enhance their personal and professional performance.

Several years ago, although Jan had been very successful in business, she began questioning the quality of life she was living. She returned to school and completed a graduate program at the Aquinas Institute of Theology where she studied the components and development of the human spirit. It was during that time that she began her own personal exploration into meditation and began to recognize the myriad of benefits it could bring.

What she also discovered was that during the busyness of living life, it’s easy to lose touch with those things that bring us energy and purpose. But that by utilizing some simple tools and principles, we can change the quality of our life experience.  She incorporated many of those thoughts into a book, A Letter to My Son, a personal memoir and guide for adolescents which was a gift to her son for his 14th birthday.  He has now graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Mathematics & Physics and is working on his PhD in Mathematics at the University of Maryland in College Park. 

In the summer of 2005, her latest book Pause. Weekly Reflections for Busy Lives was published.  And in 2006, Working With Intention - Secrets to Creating the Small Business and Life of Your Dreams went into print. 

Jan is currently working on a new project - development of a nonprofit organization called A Place To Turn To which will serve as a resource center for parents and their school aged children. The center will offer child development classes, emotional skills building groups, and referrals to already exciting agencies in the area for families that need additional support (especially during times of crisis). 

Jan continues to work with individuals and groups, teaching them how to live more intentionally. She shows them ways they could transform their lives; not by changing the external circumstances, but by changing the way in which they view and participate in their experiences.

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