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Jan also provides small business coaching for those who are:

  • in the start up phase
  • needing mission clarification and techniques for integrating its mission into decisions made throughout every level of the organization
  • looking to brainstorm new ideas
  • needing help implementing and managing a specific project
  • trying to develop strategies and systems that will help the owners/managers tap into their productivity potential

Starting and running your own business can be a daunting task. Whether you are on your own, in partnership with another person, or managing a small staff. As the owner of a small business is challenged to deal with a myriad of important issues while overseeing the day-to-day operations. At times it can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not experiencing the results you had initially expected.

Jan Cloninger offers a unique blend of business advising and personal support that provides practical, effective solutions for the small business owner. Jan’s 25 years of small business experience allows her to rapidly assess your general needs and provide specific steps to improve your success. Whether your needs are in the area of clarifying and developing business plans, overall system development or expanding marketing, Jan can help you to develop a strategy that will work. (Jan remains actively involved in an advising capacity for her family’s business, Get It Done, Inc. You can visit their website at www.getitdoneinc.com).

Jan also brings expertise in the area of personal development. As such she can also offer support on a personal level as you work together. Jan’s experience in helping people identify and claim their passions, learn healthy boundary setting, identify and shift unproductive patterns, make effective decisions, manage daily stress and develop a strong sense of work/life balance can enhance your chances of both professional and personal success.

When working with a client, Jan begins by zeroing in on the immediate business and personal needs that need to be addressed in order to ensure success. By focusing on your strengths, she provides sensible strategies and goals in a step-by-step fashion so that you can easily implement the necessary changes you want to make. 

Jan’s latest book Working With Intention - Secrets to Creating the Small Business and Life of Your Dreamssets our many of her philosophies and principles. 

Jan can assist you in taking your ideas from dreams to reality - helping you tap into your productivity potential!


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