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For individuals who are looking to live a happier, more productive life, Jan provides private individual, family and/or small group sessions both on:

  • stress reduction and/or meditation training to help enhance performance (see below), and
  • personal projects (design, development and implementation) 


Scientific studies show that mediation is one of the most effective, easy to use tools in our effort to manage stress. Meditation teaches us how to recognize and control our thoughts and truly give our minds a rest.

It also provides additional benefits:

    • Reduces anxiety and tension
    • Helps with chronic pain relief
    • Lowers heart rate and blood pressure
    • Provides relief for respiratory problems (asthma, etc.)
    • Helps manage headaches, PMS, irritable bowel, insomnia
    • Assists in physical healing
    • Counters depression
    • Releases fears
    • Quiets the mind
    • Decreases irritability and moodiness
    • Increases memory
    • Improves brain wave coherence (higher level thinking skills)
    • Increases creativity
    • Increases vitality, emotional stability and happiness
    • Increases sense of inner peace, balance, perspective

Often people come for meditation training with for one reason and are surprised to find out it can dramatically impact many areas of their lives.

Jan also provides individual coaching for people who desire to live their live more intentionally. For more information, visit www.time-to-reflect.com



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