Personal Projects

Life gets busy, and can easily slip away without discovering if your dreams and schemes are truly possible to achieve.  

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? Do you have a project, possibility or idea youíve wanted to explore, but find that the lack of time, energy or resources has prevented you from doing it?

Jan provides personal project coaching to assist you no matter what phase of development you are in.  After an initial conversation and assessment Jan can help guide you through the various stages it takes to turn your idea into action:

  • Exploration and/or design phase.
  • Clarification of purpose and techniques for making decisions that move you forward.
  • Brainstorming ideas to help an existing project gain momentum.
  • Implementing and managing a specific project or tasks.
  • Developing strategies and systems that will ensure ongoing success.

Jan Cloninger offers a unique blend of project advising and personal support that provides practical, effective and economical solutions.  Jan works with individuals using the same model she has designed for small businesses to help determine what is blocking your success. 

Janís experience in helping people identify and claim their passions, learn healthy boundary setting, identify and shift unproductive patterns, make effective decisions, manage daily stress and develop a strong sense of work/life balance can ensure that you can achieve whatever you desire.

What possibilities do you want to explore? What projects do you want to complete?  What do YOU want to DO?

Jan can help.



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