Jan's Books

For book ordering information contact Jan or you can mail a check for $15 for each book plus $3 shipping to:  Jan Cloninger, 12831 Bourbon Red Dr., St. Louis, MO 63131 (shipping charges are waived on any orders of 3 or more copies).


    Janís first book, A Letter to My Son, was published in 2001 as a gift to her son has he entered his teenage years.  In it she shares her thoughts on developing balance, spirituality, consciousness and wisdom as you move through adolescence and life. 

    This book provides a tool for young people and their parents to think about and dialogue on the foundational issues that shape our actions, decisions and lives. 



Pause, Weekly Reflections for Busy Lives, published in 2005, is a collection of short reflections that can be used to help the reader to focus their attention on a regular basis on core issues that can help them live their life more intentionally. 





Janís latest book, Working With Intention - Secrets to Creating the Small Business and Life of Your Dreams was published in 2006.  In this book Jan blends her 25 years of small business experience with her belief in the importance of living and working with intention. She shows the importance of blending personal intentions with your overall business mission and how that can bring about a greater sense of purpose and success in our lives.







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