Meditation is a simple to learn process that can enhance your ability to process information, respond to situations, increase creativity and manage daily stressors in life. It also helps to manage a myriad of physical issues and self-limiting thoughts that often prevent people from being their most productive selves.

The past few decades have brought about a tremendous change in the way we work and live. Increasing technological advances, rapid response requirements, constant change and uncertainty in a changing world, not to mention trying to bring balance to our personal and professional lives - challenges us to develop strong and sustainable skills in order to survive and thrive in todayís society. 

Now, more than ever, it is imperative that each of us find ways to:

  • deal with the dramatic increase of everyday stressors
  • decrease our susceptibility to the myriad of stress related illnesses
  • develop greater focus and the capacity to deal with complex tasks/issues
  • determine ways to be more responsive and purposeful in what we do
  • discover the inner resources that lead to happiness/peace in our lives

People from all walks of life are finding that meditation training is a key component in unlocking the answers to all these issues and more. After just one session, people report they have been given a tool that can make a difference.  Scientific studies have shown that meditation has a dramatic effect in increasing a personís performance and productivity, as well as, enhancing creativity and communication/relationship skills.

Many great minds from the past point to meditation as a key to breakthroughs in their own creative thinking. Albert Einstein used meditation during his working day to develop new theories. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would walk in meditation alone at night, a process that revealed many of his compositions. Today, people in sports and the entertainment world, like Tiger Woods, Phil Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, find meditation to be an important tool in maximizing their performance. In the world of business organizations are finding meditation training for executives and employees at all levels is having a dramatic impact on performance.  Medtronicís former CEO Bill George says his regular meditation practice, above everything else, has had the greatest impact on his career. 

Jan Cloninger has been practicing meditation for over a decade and teaching it as a tool to counter stress and increase performance since 2001. During that time she has worked with hundreds of people, both individually and in corporate settings, providing them the tools they need to enhance the way they work and live.

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